Customizing the Motorola Vxxx

A Guide to Hex Editing


What You'll Need:

Where To Get What You'll Need:

Additional Resources:


Using P2Kman to Download and Upload:

Downloading the Files You'll Need to Edit:

Uploading Edited Files to the Phone:

HEX Editing with XVI32:


Adjusting Gain (Volume) Settings:

Activating/Deactivating Phone Functions by Adjusting Seem Settings:

Special Cases:

Custom Outer LCD Text:

Date/'GPRS' Display Under Carrier Name:

Activating Custom Startup and Shutdown Animation:

Activating Menu Items for Special Features:

Custom Color Styles:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Addendum 1- P2Kman File Attributes:

Addendum 2- GPRS Status Icons:

Addendum 3- Phone Malfunction:

Addendum 4- MCC-MNC Codes:

Addendum 5- Unlocking Web Sessions:

Addendum 6- Unlocking the Right Soft Key: